Rooting the HTC Rhyme

There are quite a few requests online on how to root the HTC Rhyme. I’ve spent a day trying out several tools/scripts that use various exploits and finally found one that worked for my device.


I don’t know if the below list is complete, but these are some specifications of my phone and its software.


  • Bought it July 2012 via Dutch offer

Settings > About phone:

  • Phone name / Model number: HTC Rhyme S510b
  • Android version 4.0.3
  • HTC Sense version 3.6

Bootloader showed S-ON.

Overview of steps

These are the steps I performed to root my phone:

  1. Install HTC Drivers on computer
  2. Unlock bootloader with steps detailed at
  3. Root using Bin4ry’s root method, found at

Details step 1: Install HTC Drivers on computer

I downloaded and installed HTCDriver from

Details step 2: Unlock bootloader

To unlock the bootloader, follow steps detailed at

Some additional tips and hints:

  1. I downloaded adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140321 from
  2. If your volume down button is broken, like mine is, open command prompt in adb/sdk/platform-tools. Then type ‘adb reboot bootloader’. On your phone, choose fastboot. It’s normal to get the ‘No image or wrong image’ error, ignore it. After doing this, you should see ‘FASTBOOT USB’ in red on your phone. To check if it went well, you can run ‘fastboot devices’ on your computer from the command prompt.
  3. You should place fastboot.exe which you downloaded from in adb/sdk/platform-tools in order to run the fastboot commands they tell you to run.

Details step 3: Root using Bin4ry’s root method

This isn’t my script, I just tried it and found that in this specific version (, option 3 (old) worked for my phone. I didn’t try any of the other options in this file.

Just double click the batch file and choose option 3. That worked for me, hope it works for you too!