Graduation, volunteer work, singing workshop

Whew, so busy.. let’s do a quick update 🙂

Graduation is going reasonably well. In two weeks I’ve got a meeting with my supervisors (from university and company) to decide what work remains to be done in the last weeks. Halfway March my report is due and my presentation will be in the first week of April.

Now, tomorrow I’ve got the last day of my volunteer work. I’m not sure if I can and will continue with it after graduation, my new job has the highest priority after graduation, obviously. If I can work parttime I will, but that really depends on the company and salary. Very few graduates get a high salary straight away and there’s always the rent to pay 😉 I’ve got a second job interview next week for one company. Also, tomorrow I’m calling another company that – according to their human resources department – would invite me for a first interview. Haven’t heard from them since last week, so tomorrow seems like a good moment to call. Thirdly, a company approached me themselves last week. They’re in marketing and they asked me to consider a career in that field and to let them know if I am interested. Since I’ve also approached a recruiter I have good experiences with, I think I’m going to wait just a bit to see what other of companies would be willing to meet with me. I’d like to get a better idea of what my job opportunities are.

Also tomorrow: I’m going to a singing workshop with two friends. The singing teacher I took lessons from, until somewhere in 2010 (after which her lessons got really expensive), is giving a workshop with 4 rehearsals and a concert. The singing will be wordless, impressionistic. I’m really curious, I’ve never done that type of singing workshop before..

Um, that’s it for now 🙂

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