Scaredy cat

Jasmijn is afraid of: brooms strangers doorbells (probably because of the strangers) people wearing shoes (not just strangers) vacuum cleaner umbrella combs having her nails cut having anti-flea drops administered […]

Photo dump 1

This is the first in a series of posts listing the photos in my smartphone gallery of the past year Apartment, when it was still under construction Birthday Ettie Rubber […]

Bean bag :)

It was quite a hassle to get it home by bike, but managed: my boss gave me one of the bean bags from the lounge room at work, because they’re […]

Trip next year

Yay! I can go away for a month next year! Talked about the plan at work today and I can probably go! So now I can start planning 🙂 Had […]

Ettie in da hood

Ettie keeps overgrooming, as a result her belly and paws are nearly bald. I’m forced to do something so from now on, by day she’s wearing this hood. And once […]