New year’s resolutions

The new year is coming up, 2013, the year in which I graduate, start a new job and intend to do all sorts of other new things. As you can see I’ve cleaned up my blog. Most posts are now archived, I’m only keeping some recent ones.

Pavement of good intentions for 2013:
– Graduate 🙂
– Find a new job 🙂
– Finally learn some more Japanese, besides the “Excuse me I don’t speak Japanese, do you speak English?”
– Find a volunteer opportunity in Japan or travel through the country.
– Continue with guitar lessons
– Two performances with a guitarist (me singing) at a wedding and at the season’s opening of a camping. 🙂

I will be considering if I am going to continue with volunteer work. This largely depends on my future employer, if they are flexible about working hours I will be able to continue. Besides that, I will have to consider how much I can do in one week. I will have to choose between guitar lessons, learning Japanese and doing volunteer work, because all three is too much.

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