Quick update

I don’t have much time to blog at the moment, but my graduation is a pretty important part of my life right now, so it deserves a few words.

I was struggling for the first eight weeks (2 out of 7,5 months) but since this week it’s going better. Which also explains why I now have a little time to blog. Firstly, I’ve gone parttime again. It’s what works best for me. In my free time I do volunteer work, play guitar and still have time for my cats and somewhat of a social life 🙂

Secondly, yesterday I asked my supervisor from university what the expectations are with respect to doing research, which was the part that was making me most nervous. The answer: none. This is an engineering assignment. Of course, it is performed in an academic manner, but it’s not a research assignment. I should have asked sooner!

Lastly, I’ve switched from Java to C++. The library that I’m using (OpenCV) was written in the C++ programming langauge. It can be accessed with the programming language Java as well, but it’s like trying to drive a car blindfolded. The supervisor at the company didn’t mind making the switch. Maybe later I’ll port the thing back to Java, but first let’s just get things to work the way I want them to.

All in all, I think this week is the turning point in this assignment: I’ve asked the right questions and set a few good boundaries for myself.

PS Jasmijn’s diary, 25 oct 2012: Printers and paper shredders are SCARY.

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