Today went well! :)

Today, I had the introduction day at the company where I will do my graduation. Me and ten or eleven (too many new faces) new people were welcomed at the company and a few presentations were given about the organization and some paperwork was done. After that, we had (a really fancy and expensive) lunch together.

It was really nice, meeting some new people. I’m not sure which colleagues I will see again, because many of them have already been placed at customers.

I was glad I always have my earplugs with me, because during lunch I did need them. We were with 16 people, all of them men except for me, and because of their low voices you can sometimes get this amplified sub-woofer effect, making it difficult to follow a conversation if I wouldn’t have earplugs. I love my earplugs! 🙂

Right now, I’m pretty tired from the new impressions and information, I’m going to take it easy today. The rest of the week will be a bit busy, because I have decided to try to move to my new apartment next Sunday!

I’ve got all Saturday to buy lamps, curtains and other stuff at IKEA 🙂


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