I’ll probably move in two weeks or so! :D

Thursday, thanks to a rock climbing colleague of my friends, we managed to get the remainders of the couch downstairs without destroying it 🙂 All I have to do when I move is find all the nuts and bolts and put it back together and then find a stapling gun to re-attach the bottom fabric. It’s a beautiful couch and even though it was a pain to move it, I’m glad it worked 🙂

Yesterday, I talked to someone who will do the walls for me and who knows a carpenter who will do the floors of my apartment. By next Saturday, the walls and floors will have been done 🙂 This weekend, I’m going to my new apartment with my house mates to remove the radiators. I’ll have to put them back sometime next week. I’m hoping to ask around if some other friends have time to help, because I already owe my house mates a luxury dinner, don’t want to make it two 😉