Healthy exercising

Somewhere at the beginning of this week, I felt like a cranky, moody old woman. By the time it was Wednesday and I was riding my bike to volunteer work, I realized: For my former employer I had to ride my bike for about 19 kilometers to get there and now my body is missing the exercise! (My current company is less than 5 minutes by bike.)

So yesterday evening, I went to yoga with a friend. One and a half hours of stretching, breathing and sensing and oh my god I feel good today! I mostly notice that I’m relaxed and confident: Yes, I’m graduating, but I’m not the first to do so and given that I really like writing documentation, I’m really enjoying writing my project management plan. This also contains a schedule of what documents I need to deliver in which month, which gives me a good sense of direction.

Let’s do this! 🙂