Ettie and Jasmijn, september 27th

They’re doing great! Yesterday, at 4PM, I let Jasmijn out of the small bedroom and both cats have been well-behaved. They “prrt?” at eachother and are in general very tolerant. Ettie was a bit shocked to find Jasmijn in the bedroom at some point though (she considers it her room I guess), after which soothing words were needed to reduce both girls’ tails to the normal size. Besides that, there have been no troubles. Ettie lay down close to Jasmijn last night and they’ve kept me up with their “prrt?” “prrt!” “meow” “sqeak! prrt!” all night.

Jasmijn is a fluffball of energy, of course, which might be a bit much for Ettie, but I feel that Ettie is also learning how to be a cat again, and how to play: This morning at 6AM I woke up (I’m so tired..) by the sound of toys moving about and cats running around. When I sneaked into the living room, Ettie was sitting in front of a ball rails toy which she hasn’t shown the least bit of interest in since I got it for her. Jasmijn loves that toy already, but this morning she was sitting on a chair, looking at Ettie. I imagined her coaching and encouraging: “Yes, that’s it, and now you stick your paw into the thingy and WHACK the other thingy! It’s FUN!” A little while later, both girls bounced through the apartment, although Ettie looked a bit embarassed when I caught her doing this.

At about 8AM Ettie seemed to have had enough, she was sitting somewhere up high where Jasmijn could not reach, so I put Jasmijn back into the small bedroom for the day. Tonight I intend to let her out and tomorrow I’ll put her back in the small bedroom. Then, this weekend, I’m putting them together for 48 hours. If that goes well, they’re free to roam around the apartment together.

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