I had a dream that involved people turning into vampires, one werewolf and one monkey/frog small thingie. I tried to defeat them by setting the sonic screwdriver to ‘high pitched tone that hurts their ears’. At first I imagined the tone I wanted it to emit, and then changing the pitch upwards, but that didn’t work, because at some point I heard my tinnitus (a high ringing noise in my ears that I have) and couldn’t imagine a higher tone than that. Since anything in Doctor Who has a telepathic interface, I told it to choose the setting that hurt, which caused the vampires and werewolves to roll on the floor screaming in agony, except for one vampire guy. I tried to knee him in the groin, but he was wearing a jockstrap… Not sure what this dream tells you about me.

It all took place in a mansion, there were some staircases that I have dreamed about before. Some rooms resembled tombs, and the mental image of the mansion changed to ‘pyramid’ when the dream occurred there.

I remember a transformation scene from human to vampire or werewolf, which basically involved their eye color changing and their skin color as well. Besides that, there was probably a crappy makeup artist present, because effectively their skin (entire body) was painted white (vampire) or yellowish white (werewolf) and their hair changed to look all poofy. Hurray for stylized monsters 🙂

Can’t remember everything, but at some point one vampire willingly contributed to their own demise, after which everyone changed back to human. At that point some technical thingies and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff had to be sorted out. Something that resembled a mother board had to be found and put back into place and another piece of equipment had to be found. It was found and that’s where the dream ended.

Vague, I know, but I can’t really remember it well. I’m gonna try to write down some more dreams. Apparently if you do that, you get better at remembering them.