Tomorrow last day at my current job!

I’m tired, but I really want to post this 🙂 Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. There will be pie 🙂

I’m not sure what that last day will be like. I guess in the morning I’ll do some remaining tasks that can be done without having to transfer any knowledge to a colleague when I leave. Not sure what else I’ll do. Because as it turns out I still had some days off, I’ve taken Tuesday to Friday off 🙂

There, I wrote it down. Now I need to go to bed, I’m really tired and I think my body is starting to show some symptoms of the flu as well. This morning, during yoga, I had black spots in front of my eyes during some of the exercises (head rush) and just now, I lost my balance and fell, smack in the middle of the street. Embarrassing… :S

One comfort: This happened right after I had mentioned that I was having some trouble with my balance. That’s not unusual for me: I can’t walk up or down stairs if I can’t see my feet and I have difficulty walking while facing some other way, for example to see if any traffic is coming. Combining my lack of balance with being tired and possibly getting sick is a recipe for disaster. Glad my clothes aren’t damaged 🙂

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    Minh Hai

    It seems that you’re overloaded. Take a rest and you’ll be fine. I’m not sure if you need to go to doctor to examine your balance. But I think practicing can make it better. Yoga may be a good way.

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