Moving Day is coming up! And the start of my internship!

Last Thursday, I signed the contract for my new apartment. Since I don’t know exactly when I’ll be moving in yet, it still feels quite unreal. I do know that on the 29th of August, that’s next Wednesday, I get to pick up the key (!! 😀 !!) after which my parents get a first sneak peek. Also, I will pick up some second hand furniture at a friend’s place. I’m really lucky that she offered two beautiful wardrobes and a comfortable sleeping couch to me for a…

… short intermezzo to chase Ettie off the stove where she was licking the grease out of a pan I had just used to cook dinner. Sorry, where was I? …

…oh yes, I was offered some furniture for a friendly price, which me and my parents will be picking up this Wednesday. I’ve rented a van so that everything will fit in at once. Then, I’ll drive it to City box where I’ll be renting some extra storage space.

Why not immediately move it to the new apartment, you say? Because the apartment is as of yet unfurnished, it still needs to be painted and there’s nothing on the floors yet. I’ve found someone who might be willing to paint it for me and lay the laminate for a friendly price as well. At the end of next week, when I’ve got the key to my new apartment, he’ll come over to measure the place and we’ll look at what needs to be done.

I’m not going to do the walls or floors myself, because on the 3rd of September, that’s nine days from now, my internship will start. Yes, busy busy. I know that the first few weeks at this new company will offer plenty of new impressions and situations for me to get used to and having to spend my weekends painting and putting in the floors will just be too much for me all at once.

Tomorrow, first I’ve got my yoga class to attend and in the afternoon I’ll see what I can do in preparation for Moving Day and my internship. I’ll be reinstalling my laptop, informing city hall of my moving per the 29th (I officially start paying rent at that date, even though I can stay at my friend’s house for a little while longer) and I think I’m going to go over the pile of paper that has been building up since February. Oh, and I need to get my hair cut..

I’ll leave you all with a few photo’s I had taken with my old and new mobile phones. One of them is a picture of my new apartment, taken while I was standing on the bus lane. I’m sure they’ll add a walkway and bicycle path later, but at the time I couldn’t get any closer.