Four days off

Minh Hai is right, I’m overloaded. Yesterday, I was driving back and forth with a van until after midnight, picking up furniture. It was 1AM by the time I came home.

My parents came over to help with moving furniture: Friends have sold their furniture to me and yesterday we were going to move some of it to storage and some of it to the house I’m currently staying at. In the morning I picked up the van and at 1PM I picked up the key for my new apartment. Then, my parents arrived. I showed them my new apartment and we had dinner. Because my friends were moving their own stuff in the day, the plan was to start moving my things at 5:30, which was then moved to 6PM because they had some delay. After that, it all went well until at about 9PM.

We had moved the large things (bookshelves, small table, tv furniture) and two large wardrobes had been dissembled and the pieces were placed in the van. The intention was that after loading the couch, we’d go to storage and put everything there. However, we couldn’t get the couch out of the apartment. When they moved into that apartment on the second floor, his job payed for the moving and had arranged a lift: All furniture went in through the top-floor window. The couch is the one thing that has to go back out a window again. We spent more than 2 hours trying. At some point a house mate who had come over to help took some of the cloth on the bottom of the couch off and found that there were a few bolts. It took the guys quite a while to take the sides of the couch apart, but the back and the seat couldn’t be taken apart. The couch, or what’s left of it, is still sitting in that apartment right now, it doesn’t want to be moved. On top of that, we didn’t have enough time at storage to unload everything, because at 11PM if you’re still in the building the alarm will go off and that will cost you a fine of probably hundreds of euros. So frankly, it’s a real mess at home right now, pieces of furniture everywhere..

Today, all I’m doing is going to the rental company to pay for the van I rented and after that I’m getting a haircut.

The couch still has to be moved and I told my friends that I would come over to help early in the evening, but on hindsight I think it’s better I take it slow and have dinner first and then see how I feel.

I haven’t got anything planned for the next four days, which is good.