An exam today, then off to Brugge, Belgium :)

Today, I’ve got an exam. Don’t ask me why I’m taking it, because I don’t really have to: I’ve already finished all my courses. I’m taking this exam because there’s a possibility of finishing my Masters cum laude. If I van improve this one to an 8, and so the same for a second course, AND finish my graduation project with a 9, then it’s a cum laude… I must be out if my mind. I’m hoping the results of todays exam will be back soon.

Because I’ve been so busy lately, it’s time I took some rest, so I’m going to Brugge with my brother. I do feel bad for my cat for doing so, though. She’s had to spend quite a lot of time on her own lately and is bored out of her tiny cranium. My only comfort is that in less than two months, I’m moving to a new apartment, which will give her something new to do: explore and, a few months after that, befriend a new kitty.