Busy, exciting weeks ahead! :)

Okay, so just a quick update before I go to bed 😉

Firstly, I’ve got my smartphone! 😀 I haven’t set up a lot of things yet, I just charged the battery, inserted my SIM card, set up wireless and tested the small cube-on-a-wire that lights up on an incoming call or text message. I’ll have to configure some things, like my e-mail, but I’ll do that later.

As for the upcoming few weeks, next Sunday me and a guitarist have arranged for ourselves a location where we will be performing 12 songs for friends and family. We’ve even chosen a name for ourselves: May Contain Nuts. 😀

Also, I’ve managed to get a ticket for Rock Werchter on Sunday the 1st of July, which is the week after that. I’m especially looking forward to watching Florence + the Machine perform. (As it turns out, I missed their performance in Eindhoven a few months back, so I’m really happy that I was in time for this one 🙂 )

This week and next week are the last two Wednesdays before the summer that I’ll be spending doing volunteer work and taking guitar lessons. After that, I’ll spend a weekend in Brugge with my brother and then I’ve got eight weeks of semi-vacation 🙂 Yes, semi: I have to work, but other activities are paused.

After that, in September, I’ll re-enroll at TU/e and finish my Master’s degree 🙂

In other words, just two more weeks to finish some projects and then enjoy the quiet time in between 🙂