Dream: Rain in the bathroom

I’ve had this dream before, I think. It’s a strange one, and that’s saying something..

I’m walking through a themepark together with someone else. She has to use the batroom, so we walk to the nearest restroom building, where she enters the only door that is available. I then decide to also use the toilet, but I can’t find another door at first. Then, when I find one and use the bathroom, just as I am about to leave the toilet, I feel a drop of water on my shoulder. I wipe it off, and then suddently it’s raining, the water pooring down and I’m soaked. I  quickly leave the restroom and meet up with my companion again and the dream continues as if nothing happened, except that now my hair is wet and we’re looking for a shop where I can buy a towel to dry my hair…

No idea what triggered this dream, maybe it rained last night?

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