Dinner in the dark: Recommended

If you’re thinking about going to Amsterdam and having dinner in the pitch black, I heartily recommend you do so, if only for having experienced this.

There are some disadvantages to having dinner in the dark, of course, and I’m not talking about having to be guided in and out of the restaurant, that’s actually a lot of fun, even going to the bathroom becomes an adventure. (Don’t worry, the toilets have light 😉 )

Two things you should take into account:

First, the sitting area outside the restaurant isn’t very big. They just have a few comfortable couches where they welcome you, but they don’t have much room there. After the dinner, they will tell you what you ate and in our case we stood in the hallway while people (staff, guests) walked past us. Other guests were coming in and because they weren’t supposed to hear the menu it took quite a while before we’d heard everything.

Second, you should be aware that you may experience discomfort, in the sense that you are disoriented, the tables are close together (perhaps to prevent you from feeling ‘lost’, anyway you are sitting back to back with other guests) and your sense of smell and taste will turn out to be pretty poor when you don’t have image to back it up. If you’re bringing someone who is picky about their food (not talking about myself here, I’m not as picky as I used to be 😉 ), call the restaurant up front to ask them what they serve and if you can choose. I won’t spoil it here, but a warning: The meat in their main course may not appeal to everyone, ordering the fish main course may be desirable for some.

In general, it’s a lot of fun to do and makes you aware of how visually impaired ‘see’ the world. Pay attention to the speed at which the waiters walk around the place and the fact that every new group of guests, including yours, will talk very loudly when they’ve just gotten seated. 😉

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