Memories and gifts: Poetry album (poesiealbum) and tiny mugs

The poetry album (Dutch Wikipedia page: Poesiealbum) I’ve had since july 1989, I was four years old and the first entry is from my mother.

Wees zo goed je kunt voor and’ren
een zachte zonneschijn
dan zal je eigen leven
nooit zonder stralen zijn.

Be as good as you can for others
A gentle sunshine
Then your own life will
never be without rays of light

I’ll take pictures of some pages later.

The title of the booklet says poesie-album, which is a misspelling of a misspelling 😉 The misspelled ‘poesiealbum’ (which should be ‘poëzie album’) has been around for so long that it has become the standard, with people even pronouncing it with a sharp ‘s’ and no ‘ë’ sound.

The two tiny mugs were given to me by Mariska about three years back. Literally translated: “We’ll stay fat friends’, where in Dutch, ‘fat’ is a positive indicator for the strength of the friendship.

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