Shooting down old actors

I’m sitting at a bar with a friend. Then, a guy comes in who I recognize as the dude from Magnum P.I. but on hindsight looked nothing like him 😉 He was kind of a cross between Magnum P.I (Tom Selleck), Airwolf (Jan-Michael Vincent) and MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and then someone else I can’t find using a search engine. My brain also accounted for the fact that quite a few years have passed since I last saw these guys on tv, so the result was a blonde crossover of these guys, somewhere in his fourties. I love my brain.

Anyway, he comes into the bar, puts an arm around my shoulder and says “You’re fun/cute (Dutch: leuk).” I laugh and say “Okay”. He then walks me to a table (leaving my friend behind… At the end of the dream I return to the bar guilt-ridden and she’s angry with me, but hey, you gotta admit that these guys were hawt… back in the day anyway.)

He buys me a drink and then makes his move. I slap him in the face (hell yeah) and tell him “Dude, I’ve just been single for eight weeks.” That’s not true, it’s four weeks, but maybe in another four weeks someone will come along and this is a mental preparation to shoot him down as well? XD I don’t know, I’ll just trust my subconscious on this one. He then asks me “How about your mother, is she single?”. I tell him no, but that we both thought that back in the day he was hot 😉 This seemed to help him overcome his midlife crisis somewhat, haha. I get up and walk away.

After that I return to the bar where my friend is angry with me and my brain decides that that isn’t a fun dream so it switches to a table where I am sitting with Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe (Ron, Hermione and Harry from Harry Potter, for those who don’t know.) and Emma remarks that the Dutch cast for Harry Potter (?? There isn’t one) is much more popular in The Netherlands than they are. And that weird comment ends the dream.

Afterthought: Me and my mother both have a certain taste in TV men. Let me show you some pictures of guys we both agreed were hot.

I’m sure we’d agree on current-day George Clooney as well. If you read this mom, you should click here to see the Wikipedia page of him. He’s the Nespresso guy now 😉 What do you think?

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    Hmm, I read this post with my RSS reader, and it didn’t show a ‘dream’ tag (or anything else indicating that this occurred in some parallel universe).

    At least it caused some raised eyebrows while reading the first paragraph 🙂

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    I do like those photo’s. The man who acts by the advertising-spot with the ‘ expresso’ is a beautiful one. By the photo on the site about the movie ‘The men who stare at goats’, he looks serious and intelligent.

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