Dream about singing and people helping me remember the words

Dream I had the night after Sander broke up with me.

I’m walking towards a stage that is surrounded by curtains. To the right – separated from the stage by the curtains, if closed – are three low tables placed in a U-shape, people sit on pillows at this table. I walk up to these tables and walk around, not sure if I should sit down. In fact, I believe my dream explored both options, sitting down and walking around. At the tables are several people, I don’t remember recognizing any of them. The band that is setting up on stage consists of Tjeerd, Monique, Marjolein, Sander, an ex-colleague of me at the university and one or two people I don’t know.

I put down my backpack, that contains my in-ear monitors and microphone, and realize that I shouldn’t have brought them along: I don’t sing for GERUIS anymore. I sit down and the band begins to play. The audience is invisible, perhaps even empty, I don’t know. The curtains that separate the stage from backstage – and from the sides of the stage with the tables – are open. Me and the people sitting at the low tables to the right of the stage are the spectators for this performance. The band does not face us, however, they face the (empty?) audience. Then, after one song, Tjeerd walks up to me and hands me the microphone. I’m startled and say that I don’t sing that much anymore and I don’t know the song they’ll play. Still, I’m pushed onto the stage, where the band starts to play Angels from Robbie Williams. I know the lyrics and start to sing, facing the audience. There are people there now, watching me.

At first my voice is shaky but it gets better 🙂 and the first verse and chorus are awesome if I do say so myself 😉 Then, during the solo, I look around to find that Sander is not there, there is nobody drumming. Monique and Marjolein sit down next to me on bar stools and start to sing second vocals when the second verse starts. However, I suddenly can’t remember the lyrics. I look at Tjeerd panicky and gesture that I don’t remember the lyrics. He walks up to me, puts an arm around me and starts to sing, after which I remember and we finish the song together.

When I woke up, I felt protected and safe. :’)

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    Mooie droom. Als je in het echt de tekst ook niet meer weet, dan ben je altijd welkom om te bellen of langs te komen.

    Tjeerd en Monique

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