New year’s resolutions

The new year is coming up, 2013, the year in which I graduate, start a new job and intend to do all sorts of other new things. As you can […]


Yesterday, I got together with friend and guitarist Erwin to prepare for a wedding. After our performance in July (or was it June?) we’ve been asked to perform at the […]

Quick update

I don’t have much time to blog at the moment, but my graduation is a pretty important part of my life right now, so it deserves a few words. I […]

Ettie and Jasmijn, september 27th

They’re doing great! Yesterday, at 4PM, I let Jasmijn out of the small bedroom and both cats have been well-behaved. They “prrt?” at eachother and are in general very tolerant. […]

Ettie’s diary, september 26th

*Sulks* I want pettins too! Look at that little brat, getting all attention from my butler. That’s it, mover over little punk, I want some attention too! 😀 😀 😀

Jasmijn’s diary, september 26th

This is frickin’ AWESOME! Lookit how huge this place is!! *Runs around like crazy, tearing stuff down* Oh, there’s the big kittycat again. She doesn’t really want me to come […]

Ettie’s diary, september 25th

What’s this thing you’ve brought home? It’s meowing and trying to touch me with its paws. OMG scary! *Big tail, Ettie runs away* <Later that evening> You’ve let it loose?!?!?!? […]