Here we go.. To the land of rice and culture shock ;)

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks, that I didn’t have much time to be excited or worried about my trip. Today, when colleagues one by one left the office and wished me a nice vacation, I realized I’m flying to Japan tomorrow :O Have I packed everything? What if I forget something? Should I lock my suitcase?? It’s just a tiny one with nothing but clothes and a bottle of contact lens fluids which I don’t really need as long as I don’t lose my glasses 😉 but still..

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, but also quite nervous about the flight and the trip to the hotel. I don’t think I remember much of the Japanese words I picked up a year ago, so asking for directions might become a challenge 😉 If you send me an e-mail, don’t expect a reply before the 1st of January, my phone doesn’t work in Japan and I won’t be carrying a laptop around or spend my days looking for an internet café… I’m going cold turkey!! :O 😉

EDIT: This may have been the shortest amount of time in which I’ve ever packed my suitcase. As our downstairs neighbor advised me, I put the suitcase in the middle of the room a week ago and threw in a few items of clothing every day. Added three small towels and the Lonely Planet and that was it. I spent half an hour looking for a 220V->110V transformer that I’m sure I brought back home after my previous trip, but I couldn’t find it. I guess last year must have been one of those “All I have to do is remember that I put it in this drawer/on this shelf/in this remote corner of our apartment”-moments. I’ve gone over the travel schedule for the first day as best as I could (I have to get used to the fact that someone else arranged all the details for me and all I have to do is follow them, both creepy and convenient at the same time) and have spent the remaining time throwing things like bonus cards that aren’t valid in Japan anyway out of my wallet and quadruple-checking my hand-luggage. I don’t have anything left to fuss over, so I guess I must be ready.

Passport? Check
Wallet with Japanese Yen? Check
Creditcard? Check

Looking forward to spending ten days in Japan sight-seeing and visiting friends? CHECK! 😀

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