Figuring out my trip to Japan.. Chaos… :S

On Monday, I received a thick envelope that contained the preparations for my 10-day trip to Japan. It contains three different manuals (a travel schedule, a train schedule and one marked ‘other’), three pamphlets from hotels/cities and two manuals on how to catch a train/bus at Narita… Confusing..

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    Minh Hai

    I think you can transfer those documents to Rusudan. She may have time and can help you with them. Japanese people have a habit of listing too many details in a single document. I am somehow influenced > <

    I you soon in Kyoto!

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      Haha, well it’s okay. It’s actually a Dutch travel document, but maybe this travel agent was also influenced by the Japanese style 😉 On the other hand, he knows I want a lot of details, because last time I spammed him with questions. It should be fine, I’ve got half of it figured out and the rest I can see on the spot 😉 I did have a nightmare about flying to Japan and then when I wanted to fly back I was too late for the flight back home… :O 😉 But seriously, it should be fine 😀

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