Dreaming about cats and anatomically incorrect houses..

Wednesday morning, I had this dream about cats, most likely because my subconscious picked up on Ettie’s insistent whining at your bedroom door 😉

It was a dream where I was standing on someone’s porch (dream state shifts from the house being mine to the house being my mother in law’s). There is a short, straight, tiled path to the front door. I can’t see what’s in the rest of the porch, but it’s either paved or has low plants. At the front are two planters with flowers in them and in one of those planters a cat is sitting and outside the porch two or three more cats are sitting. They are all supposed to look like Ettie (brown and white cyprus cats), which — according to the dream — should confuse me, but their patterns are different and I instantly recognize this. It’s kind of like a children’s game of ‘find the correct image’. Childsplay 😉 Even though they’re all beautiful, I mentally tell them all they’re not Ettie and they’re not allowed inside the house. (Cruel, I know :'( But dreams are weird like that.)

I walk up to the front door, which is at the top of two steps. It’s a white door and it protrudes from the house a little. I walk into the house and into the hallway, with the coat hangers to my left. A woman is standing in the hallway, but the dream doesn’t focus on her. I know that if I turn left-left at the end of the hallway, there’s a circling staircase that goes up to the second floor. A cat has followed me, eager to enter the house, but I perceive him as a threat to Ettie, so I chase him out.

At the end of the hallway, I turn right and open the door to the living room. (The floor is a bit higher here, so I have to go up one step.) There are people there, about four of them and Sander may be among them, but the dream doesn’t focus on them, it focuses on the cats 😉 Ettie is there too, I know. A second cat has followed me and threatens to enter the living room. I chase it out and it flees. I can clearly hear his thoughts: “Lousy place anyway, you don’t even have flies here (to eat).”

I walk into the living/dining room. To my left, in the dining room, are people. One of them is sitting on the piano… This bit of the house reminds me of the house a couple of friends own, my dream must have copied it. Except for the living room part. As I turn right to enter the living room, it turns out that the front wall consists mainly of a glass door that can be opened (the inside of the house doesn’t match the outside at all, it’s way too big 😉 ) and leads to a wooden deck above a large pond. I remember one of the cats walking up to the wooden deck (don’t know how, but he did). And I think here’s where I woke up, because that’s all I can remember.

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