Can’t sing right now :( so I’ll blog :)

Wow, this blog is really dying. If it wasn’t for the hiccups (I hate having the hiccups) I might not even be posting this right now. Lately I’ve used Twitter more and more and I’ve coupled it with Facebook, which means that my nonsense reaches more people now, even though the messages are much shorter (“Cat vomit, eww” and “Bleh rain”, etc)

Still, this blog was and is more private than social media. You can’t find my last name here, which means that search engines won’t spit out this blog when you search for my name (at least not on the first pages, and that’s all that matters, right?). So basically, only people I told about this blog are likely to find it. That doesn’t mean that others won’t of course, so with the realization that it’s unwise to talk about work here, there’s not much I can blog about right now.. My new job (since 4 months now so not really new anymore) is the biggest change in my life over the past few months. Not being able to blog about that kinda took the fun out of blogging. Then-again, when I was in Japan I didn’t blog about the internship either. I guess the main difference here was that at the time I was stuck in Japan 😉 and had plenty of stuff to talk about that didn’t involve the internship, so it was easy to still have plenty of stuff to write.

Looking at the past few months, there is something that I think it quite appropriate to post here, especially since some people seem to expect it: I have the intention to finish my Master’s degree and lately I realize that in a year or so, I’ll surely have the energy and motivation to do so. It will mostly be a matter of

  1. not pushing myself or rushing into things. I don’t have to have an assignment tomorrow and I certainly don’t have do a full-time project. Since working 32 hours suits me really well and besides the occasional PMS Friday-evening 😉 I am sure I can do my graduation on that (80%) basis.
  2. finding the right project for me. This was already a tough one a year ago and I don’t expect it will get any easier this time around. However, this time I will have the energy to do a thorough search before rushing into things (see item 1 😉 )

The “right” project was a really vague concept last year, but with job search and current job experience, I’ve learned a bit more about myself. I feel that I’ve got some of the basics down as far as my ideal working environment is concerned. With respect to the topic, I think it’s useful to combine an old strategy with this new knowledge. In picking my program in secondary school, as well as in choosing my university and major, I’ve chosen topics that were high in demand at the time – a bit less now, with the economical crisis, but still Computer Science and Engineering is highly valued. Right now I believe that there are some fields in Software Engineering that are quite stable, in the sense that these fields won’t be going anywhere soon. I guess that in that sense, the assignment that was proposed to me last year, on medical image processing, wasn’t such a bad idea.

(I am rather hoping that the graduation project will be a stepping stone into a new job as well, if the topic suits me.)

I realize now that the working conditions are perhaps even more important to me than the actual topic, although I must have the sense that I am contributing and that my work is useful to someone — give me a “solve this problem”/”improve this solution” type of assignment any day.

Lastly, for those of you who haven’t heard it yet, I’ll be spending Christmas in Kyoto 🙂 My holiday request at work has been approved and I’ll be in Japan from the 17th till the 28th of December :O 🙂

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