Whew, busy… Not much to talk about, except for one complaint

I’m pretty happy that I’m working 32 hours, because even with one day extra off a week, I still seem to have too little time to do everything I’d like to do :O I regret to say that I haven’t drawn a lot lately, except for this doodle of a duck with square spots looking very surprised about two little ducks playing tic-tac-toe on its egg…. :S 😉

I like writing stuff on this blog, but I have to admit I have very little to report, except for one thing. I have officially decided: Designers can’t code. Don’t get me wrong, this is not directed at those designers who know they can’t write a program to save their life, because usually they won’t be hired to do so anyway. I’m talking about those designers whose job it is to write Javascript. I cried silent tears of both despair and joy friday, because… and computer scientists may want to avert their eyes now: I for one LIKE cleaning up someone else’s messy code. Oh sure, I complain and grumble while I’m cleaning up the bloody war-zone they’ve dropped me in, consisting of scripts with no abstraction what-so-ever and everything just crammed into one method… But I like cleaning up that mess and knowing I’ve made the world a better place 😀

<HTML/CSS sidetrack> Oh, I admit, my HTML and CSS skills are not that great (I’m still learning), but there is hardly anything like “performance” in that area (interesting read on id’s and classes in CSS), although much could be gained when more attention would be paid to reusability and maintainability. I’ve spent quite some time trying to fix CSS that didn’t render correctly in Firefox and I needed to use quite a lot of hacks to get it to work in Firefox AND still display correctly in IE. But besides those fixes every now and then, I can live with CSS not being reusable. Most CSS as it stands now isn’t and trying to make it reusable would require quite a lot of best-practices to be invented first. In the future I would like to try out OOCSS (OOCSS.org/OOCSS on Github) to see if it is applicable at my job.</sidetrack>

So much for the HTML/CSS aspect…Whereas for Javascript, performance, maintainability and reusability matter! Seriously, last friday I saw the most awful code ever… The first thing that stood out was this method called ‘getQuery’… that DIDN’T RETURN ANYTHING!! >___> OMG

The rest… well, just let me show you some stuff and see if it makes you cringe 😉

Rebel Abstraction without a cause

Not only could we abstract from that expression, it goes wrong when the number is 0…

Styling in the code

String to array, reverse, to string, replace, to array, reverse, to string…..

Makes you want to sit in a corner, laugh hysterically and rock back and forth in a white fluffy coat, doesn’t it?

Uncommented chunks of code from a previous project

And this one is the best of all:

In case you’re interested, that piece of code was repeated 24 x 3 times in one Javascript file!!! :O :'(

This stuff is great for my self-esteem, I tell ya… I haven’t seen another colleague’s code yet, but after he said “This is why we hired you” you can imagine how that made me feel 🙂

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