Oh well…

Even though only friends know this is my blog and I’ve taken care not to mention my last name anywhere on it, my mother in law advised me not to post complaints about work. Even though everybody at work complains about everybody elses code (including the code that our boss writes), and I’ve already informed by boss about these exact fragments of code, she might have a point 😉 I can already be traced to this other employer online (whatever you do, don’t click the result in search engines please… I don’t want it to rank any higher). So, this previous post will be changed to private, and this one as well in the near future 😛

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    True that. Bums me out a little, though, because there’s plenty of funny stuff to complain about 😉 Like how I have to edit javascript, aspx, aspx.vb, database and someone has to edit some backend code for me to manually fix each and every link generated in these sources, because I need to pass a menuId for a menubar to be highlighted. And even after two weeks of mucking about in code, today the customer finds another link that behaves wrongly, due to pageId and menuId conflicting on what to show…. :'(

    Oops.. hide this post soon 😉

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