Oh noes!

It’s been, like, a month since I posted anything! :O I need to start drawing again… Got one drawing around here somewhere, but can’t upload it now because I have to go to work. Maybe I’ll add it later.

The past few weeks have been busy and my spare time has also been well-spent: sleeping, reading a book or two, playing the guitar for a bit and started on a bit of design for a new website for Stichting Digitolk, a voluntary organization that helps people who’ve never used a computer before and would like to learn.

I’d like to do more, but at some point you just have to decide that spending your free time doing stuff you absolutely have to do kinda defeats the whole purpose of free time… Oh what the heck, I’ll scan and upload that drawing right now, typing this already takes up some time anyway.

Well, off to work!

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