Umm.. three companies now :O

As I mentioned a while ago, I had some more interviews. This week I had a second interview with a smaller company. The reason they wanted the second interview was because they were very positive about me but were unsure whether the position would remain interesting for me in the long run. (They didn’t drop the ‘over-qualification’ bomb, but it was pretty close :O )

In fact, I have the same feeling. It’s a front-end design and implementation job, that may shift to design in the long run and I’m not too sure if I want that. One of the reasons I want to start working is to gain more experience. I feel that in a few years, I can always shift towards front-end design and implementation. One thing that was very positive there, though, was the work atmosphere. The company consists of maybe 10 people and the atmosphere is pretty informal, I really like that.

Next, I had an interview at a school. They are looking for someone who can fulfill the role of technical adviser for a project group that has as main goal to do requirements gathering for a new central system for administration of student assignments and results. In fact, today the school director called me in person to ask for a personal meeting, because they, too, were very positive about me. And I didn’t even have an interview yet! :O To be honest, I’m not immensely enthusiastic about the assignment. The only thing that is convenient is that it is a position for a year. After that, I could revise whether I want to finish my studies. On the other hand, I can always do that, independent of whether I have a temporary or fixed job.

So far, I’m happiest about the company that will contact me again on Monday for the actual job offer. As I indicated, I was surprised to see that all employees work on the same floor. I decided to call them today and ask how they deal with this. I explained that my experience with this varies and that I tend to talk… quite a bit 😉

On the one hand you have places where you can talk and it’s no problem if you do. On the other hand, I’ve had this situation where ‘silence agreements’ were made and, of course, they hadn’t told us. 😉 And then the secretary then came running out of the room and almost yelled at me to be quiet. It was a bad experience. If you want a quiet atmosphere, don’t put everybody in one room, it will never be 100% quiet! >:O

So, I called this company today and asked. They indicated that it’s no problem, people just talk amongst themselves there and walk around; it’s no problem. That’s a relief. 🙂 It felt a bit awkward to call them about something that other people may perceive as irrelevant, but I’m glad that I asked anyway. I’m hoping that on Monday, the offer they make will be a good one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a ‘good’ offer in terms of money. I don’t really care about the money, as long as I can pay my rent and have enough left to do fun stuff 😉

What is most important is the exact job title / description (It was an open job application and so far I do know what work I will do, but not in which branch of the company I will be placed at first, which project, etc.) and, for me personally, which day will be my regular day off. I shouldn’t worry too much about that. It’s quite common nowadays for people to work 32 or 36 hours 🙂 But still, I worry a little, since one of the interviewers at the first interview asked me if I wanted an entire day off or if it could also be divided over a week. I replied that we could discuss it but that having one day off would have my preference. They never came back to that, so now I’m not sure if it will be a source of debate or not. I later spoke to the recruiter about it and indicated that this is an important point for me and that if possible, I would like to have Wednesdays off. He replied that the 32 hours is no issue at all, so it should be fine. I know I’m focusing too much on it, but it’s really important for me!! :O

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