“Someone is going to call you back today, either me or the company itself” the recruiter told me at 1 PM…

Due to holidays, the final stage of my application at company 1 had to wait until today. Unfortunately, they’re still very busy. C’mon, call me! >_< 😀 Edit: Yess!! I got a phonecall at 6PM and after the phonecall it was decided that they will make me a job offer. The main reason they wanted to talk to me before sending me an offer was to make sure that I understood that at first my work will be on front-end webdevelopment. They want me to shift towards back-end later, but right now they don’t have a lot of work there. I already knew this, but they wanted to make sure that I understood the reason and that it may take some time before they have larger back-end projects again. I appreciate that they are open about this and I expressed this.

Also, I finally brought up the question about the division of 32 hours over the week and explained that an interviewer had asked me if the hours could be spread over the week or if I wanted a day off. Today I asked if this was a company concern or if he was just inquiring. I got the answer that this is not something that will be negotiated in the contract and that we’ll decide upon this later. I feel a bit awkward about having asked it, but I hadn’t asked them directly (only talked about the 32 hours and day off with the recruiter/mediator once) and I really wanted to know. So, no answer yet, unfortunately. (What didn’t help was that I heard myself echoing through the phone, which distracted me. Next time I shouldn’t press on but just ask if the person can call me back to eliminate the echo on the line.)

I’m hoping to receive the offer tomorrow, but we didn’t agree on a specific day, so I may have to wait a little again. In any case, an offer is on its way 🙂

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