Pirates III

Two days ago, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was on TV. I didn’t watch the entire movie, but I did get as far as the introduction of Jack Sparrow’s daddy, Captain Teague:

Now, besides the obvious Keith Richards references (guitar), it reminded me of Edward van Helgen:

If you don’t know Edward, there’s no point in explaining, really 😉 Click here to see a short scene from the game Curse of Monkey Island, with Edward whoopin’ Guybrush’s ass.

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    You noticed another similarity :O… I’ve never watched a “Pirates of the Carribean” movie and probably never will, just out of principle. It is so obvious the entire fantasy-pirate setting (islands in the Carribean, odd-looking main character, undead zombie pirate with an army of the undead – LeChuck?) has been stolen from the Monkey Island saga. In fact, it is even more obvious than obvious. I still think the Monkey Island games are among the best games ever made. Although I’m probably biased due to nostalgia as I grew up with the Monkey Island titles. Also, the remakes available from Steam nowadays have kept me occupied during my lonely ‘post surgery’ recovery days at home. I really recommend them :).

    But what is the point of ripping almost everything from a movie/game and making a popular production out of it? They should at least admit it and give proper credit, otherwise it becomes frustrating to watch for those familiar with the original.

    Hmm… suddenly I get the urge to create a movie or game called “Star Shrimp”. The story revolves around a simple sheepherder on earth who has a great destiny ahead of him. The evil intergalactic empire, led by Emperor Hosni and his sidekick Darth Khadaffi, are poised on crushing the rebellion that is widespread in our solar system. The humble sheepherder has to go on a quest to see a magical talking shrimp, which is displayed in an aquarium at seaworld, after which his great destiny unfolds…

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