Today I called company number 2 to ask them to make me a job offer. The owner said that they’d be more than happy to make me an offer and he’ll send it tomorrow.

Why did I ask them this, you may wonder… Both companies are more than happy to hire me, but both have pros and cons. Well, duh!! Yes, no surprise there.

The point is this: Company 2 is a smaller company where I felt there was more warmth and room for me as a person. The job is less technical, but do I really need to do more technical things? It’s a contradiction to choose to work 32 hours and then go for a job where I feel the pressure is higher… The company owner informed me that if I still want to go towards a more technical function in say six months, they’re willing to place me there if there’s room.

I’ve handled it reasonably well. I’ve been open to company 2 about the choice I have to make and why I have a hard time choosing. Still, a part of me is afraid that this uncertainty will be my downfall again and that it was wrong to be open about my uncertainty. (Even though evidence in the form of a job offer suggests otherwise.)

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