Today I called company number 2 to ask them to make me a job offer. The owner said that they’d be more than happy to make me an offer and he’ll send it tomorrow.

Why did I ask them this, you may wonder… Both companies are more than happy to hire me, but both have pros and cons. Well, duh!! Yes, no surprise there.

Dreaming of a Jet Plane 8)

I had a dream! 😀 XD This is what I was dreaming right before I was woken up by the sound of Ettie’s persistent howling:

I am sitting on an airplane and to my right a friend from secondary school is sitting. With me I have a gift[ref]Which is actually the Mother’s day gift I bought yesterday :S[/ref] for his girlfriend. (I’ve had a dream about traveling by plane before. All I remember is that the plane landed somewhere that in real life is an old road with some farm houses. In my dream it was paved and surrounded by concrete walls and those plastic roadblocks filled with water/sand.)

Umm.. three companies now :O

As I mentioned a while ago, I had some more interviews. This week I had a second interview with a smaller company. The reason they wanted the second interview was because they were very positive about me but were unsure whether the position would remain interesting for me in the long run. (They didn’t drop the ‘over-qualification’ bomb, but it was pretty close :O )