Women and technology ;)

I know, it’s not an original topic for a post, but today it’s a personal triumph I want to share with you! 😀

Sander and I have been living at this apartment for one and a half years now and ever since we moved in we’ve had a UPC package for our internet and television. For TV, you get the UPC box, which is a flat (in the new design anyway), black box with a remote control. Sander is the one who connected everything, partly because he owns the TV, boxes and amplifier and mainly because I have no interest in hardware. This means that after he spent a few days of toying with the cables, settings and whatnot, it was my turn to get acquainted with out very own Frankenstein consisting of five devices and three remote controls… Fortunately, the remote of the amplifier turned out to be broken so that was one less remote to worry about. 😉 The remaining two were for the UPC box and the TV. Of course, Sander made some connection between the TV and UPC box, so the TV remote is only for switching devices and the UPC remote can be used for everything else.

Now, the fun part of digital TV is the possibility to pause, go to the bathroom or make a sandwich, sit back down and press play again. Whenever you switch to a new channel, the box automatically starts recording so that you can go back up to the point where you switched to this channel. (In fact, if you rewind and then try to switch the channel, it warns you that you’ll lose your recording of this channel.) The problem is this: I tend to watch TV for half an hour, then pause to do the dishes and cook (yes, in that order, and then we leave the dishes out for a day until we have to cook again XD) and after half an hour to an hour I return to continue to watch TV.

Here it comes: That $U&*$^*#@$#&@)*#@ UPC box always went back to the very beginning of the recording!!! >_< So after watching According to Jim, Rules of Engagement and pausing halfway through Two and a Half Men, when I press play I'm back at According to Jim and have to forward through everything I've already seen, which takes far too long!! Yesterday, I figured out how to circumvent this :O When you press pause, in the bottom right corner of the TV screen the pause-icon appears. (When you forward or rewind, you also get icons indicating the speed etc.) For some reason, if you pause for a long period of time, the UPC box exits pause mode and that icon disappears, resulting in a 'start from beginning' response when I press play again. I can circumvent this by pressing 'pause' first, so that the pause-icon appears in the bottom right corner again and the UPC box is back in the correct mode. Then I can press play to resume where I left off. In any case, I consider this to be a bug in the UPC box.

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