UML, unspecified messy language ;)

Well, I’ve handed in the UML exercise I had to do for my second interview tomorrow 🙂 I asked for a second opinion from someone and he said as far as he was concerned I could hand it in like that. Then I edited some more 😉 and handed it in. The advantage and disadvantage of UML is that it’s not entirely clear what it means.. So you always need some explanation with your diagrams, in the form of comments, names for relationships and a document. I did just that and added a design documents text file. I’m hoping that I can answer all questions they ask me, but in any case I’ve spent some extra time on this exercise and spent a lot of time making choices, so I should be able to explain what I did there. Anyway, tomorrow is the second interview for this company.

Also, yesterday I had a first interview with company number 2. This interview went rather well, too. This job is a bit less technical and more into front-end website interaction design and implementation. I kinda like that, although I must admit that I would also like to dive into something more technical. I gathered that this company, too, will have a second interview round because one of the owners mentioned this very briefly. (My interview was with the two company owners and then with a designer and a general manager)

First interviews are no problem at all, but I feel that I’m a bit nervous about a second interview. For some reason, I get more nervous, not less, even though being invited to a second interview is a good thing.

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    Hi! Of course you’re more nervous for a second interview. Things are now getting serious and real, not always in a negative way though. You know you cannot go on for ever having interviews and that these interviews are meant to get a job and decide about the job you want. So, being lucky because you’ll probably get the opportunity to choose out of a number of jobs, also means you’ll have to make a decision. A decision you and you alone are responsible for. But, heeej!, decisionmaking is always and everywhere part of your life and gives the opportunity to do the things you want to. You’ll be fine!
    Don’t forget to have fun!

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    Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂 I think it’s not just the decision making, it’s also a bit scary to start on another job after my previous experience. On the other hand, it is in some sense also less scary, because I know better what kind of job I want and what I should not do. The previous job just sorta ‘happened to me’ and on hindsight I agreed to it too fast: It’s better to make a choice when you know you’ve considered it properly, instead of being still in the ‘thinking about if phase’ when you’ve already signed the contract :S

    Right now I’m making more careful considerations, and in that light it is very, very nice to have a second and perhaps a third interview. I would very much like to do interviews with a company number 3 to broaden my horizon (after that, I feel I want to make a decision and not wait too long, waiting any longer will only make it more difficult to decide). In any case, I have a pretty good picture of company number 1 and I’m rather hoping that tomorrow’s second interview will go well and be a bit more in-depth on the job description to see where in the company I would fit best.

    They want a junior/starter which in their case means it is still rather open where they would place me if they hired me. I’m hoping that after the second interview they still have a good feeling about me and I about them, in many aspects I feel this company and junior position are right for me.

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