Sigh… Cheeky cat..

Does anyone remember this one? Cats are like that 😉 I’m glad that whatever Ettie decides to shred, I can always buy it again.

A week ago I bought a brush for her, since she’s shedding so much hair. Today, when I wanted to take a shower, I found, on a towel (yes, we always leave them laying around 😉 can’t help it, it’s a lazy people’s thing), a piece of string, a wrapper from a candy and… the brush I bought her.. FULL of holes. -_- Okay, I had seen the brush yesterday evening somewhere else in the apartment, but didn’t think much of it. On hindsight I should have hidden it from her the moment I realized it had moved. XD

On the other hand, I’m happy that she’s enjoying herself 😉

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