Second interview went well! :)

I just had my second interview, with two men who have both studied at TU/e themselves 🙂 Of course I got the expected question of why I want to quit my studies and like in any job interview, you have to be diplomatic about things. I explained what I missed in the Master’s program and what I was looking for. Something that was nice for me personally – they probably didn’t think much of it – is that one of them had a friend who had been in Japan as well and said “He told me it was a wonderful experience, but also a bit lonely”. I said that, yes, it was that way for me as well. (Even though I was in HdB, I really missed my boyfriend. Support via Skype isn’t the same as being hugged.)

Anyway, we talked about numerous things and at some point they were asking some questions that I couldn’t immediately answer, like what I am absolutely wonderfully good at. When you ask me that, I have a tendency to go into ‘modest mode’. They didn’t seem to mind so much because I had already told a lot about myself and they recapped their impression of me. After that I added that even though I’m a starter right now, I have no doubt that whatever they throw at me, I can learn.

I’ve been open about some things, like that sometimes too much input can overwhelm me and that I am not always as flexible as I’d like to be. A good suggestion from a recruiter was to add that something I ask of my manager/leader is to let me know when this happens. I did and they informed me that there will be situations in which there is no structure or guidelines, which is to be expected.

In many ways, I feel that this job would suit me: It is a small company that does software development which is – like Bram noted – more creating that destroying ;), the position is a junior/starter function in the back-end with good learning opportunities, the communication lines are short and they have little hierarchy in the company. Some extra’s that I’m very happy with is that they are situated in Eindhoven and that from the start I indicated to want to work 32 hours. It’s much better to indicate this before the first interview, so both parties know the boundary conditions.

One thing that was surprising to me is that on one floor, all employees sit in the same room. This is something that would not have my preference, since I can be overwhelmed by input, and I can sometimes want silence or – when I don’t – I tend to be a bit loud 😉 Still, I’ve already indicated in both interviews that I can get overwhelmed, I’m glad I did 🙂 I can, of course, have lunch in a different place and I can do other things to make sure I don’t get too much input (Listening to music, for example. I noticed some people wore headphones there). Again, working 32 hours is ideal!

There’s a fair chance that they’re going to make me an offer today or tomorrow. If they make an offer, the only question I have for myself is this: Should I continue looking for other jobs/companies, in case there is an even better job out there? In other words, exactly this company but where each team has a room of its own ;). Don’t forget, only 5% of people have the absolutely perfect job and especially as a starter I’ve heard over and over again: The first job is hardly ever the perfect job, it’s just a start. In that sense, going for a good job is the key here 🙂

The reason for this question is that last time, I took the first job that was offered to me and it wasn’t a good experience. Can I trust myself, in the sense that this time I paid a LOT more attention to what I want out of a job?

  • Close to In Eindhoven, check
  • 32 hours, check
  • software development, check
  • small company, check
  • informal communication, check
  • learning opportunities, check

Or should I spend more time looking? Now more than ever on this blog, if anyone has any thoughts on this or advice, I’d love to hear it.

Edit: Thenagain, why do I need other people’s opinions so much? I want you all to say “Yes, go for it!”… That’s a signal that I have a good feeling about this. I hope they make an offer 🙂 Then I’m gonna sleep on it for two or three nights and then we’ll see. … I’m getting way ahead of things.

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