I’ve removed my online CV, I’m getting too many phone calls. That’s a good thing of course 😉 But it’s getting too much, I need to organize this before I can add new people.

  1. interview I had Tuesday. Went well, invited for second interview next Thursday
  2. intake I had Wednesday morning. Went well, recruiter arranged me an interview next Tuesday
  3. intake I had Wednesday afternoon. Didn’t go so well, I have a bad feeling about it. Recruiter contacted me this morning and wants to arrange interviews for me with other companies. I’m going to see where this leads, who knows what he can find for me. But I’m not going to neglect the way I feel about the recruiting company and loan-jobs. (I’m going to keep an open mind but not so open that my brains fall out: I need to remind myself that I’m not obligated to accept a job from them if I don’t want to.)
  4. Three recruiting companies approached me by telephone / e-mail. One I’ve called back and I’m going to briefly talk to them this afternoon (Blast! Now I have to dress formally again 🙁 I wanna work in a T-shirt culture 😉 Luckily this company is less than 200 metres from my house, so I can quickly change before I go there 😀 ), one I’ve emailed to ask for more information and the last one I still need to e-mail my CV.

The first two interviews are at small companies and the recruiters that got me those interview are also from small companies, and I like that very much. All others are large companies who “recruit & select” or do loan-job kind of things for, you guessed it, large companies again. I’m not too happy about that, because I have very little to say about the job interviews they’re going to get me. But hey, so far the responses to me, myself and I have been good so this gives me room to find a nice job 🙂 Or at least an ego boost 😉

Hmm, for the interview I have Thursday, I have to create a UML class diagram with explicit Model-View-Controller pattern. For some reason, I’m having trouble with this: I can express the MVC pattern in UML. I can express the model-part of the system in UML. But combining it… in my mind that would require a composition relationship from a Model entity to every entity that should be contained by the model.. and that’s just fugly… Does anyone remember which course dealt with UML? I can’t find the right book.

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