Mmmmm, snooooze ;)

My dear boyfriend does something that half the population does and the other half (to which I belong) absolutely detests: He sets his alarm and then presses snooze ten to fifteen times. He’s kinda like Jeff from Rules of Engagement:

Audrey: Can’t you just set the alarm for when you actually have to get up?
Jeff: I wouldn’t get the extra bonus sleep.
Audrey: No, you’d get the same amount.
Jeff: Yes, but I wouldn’t know it.

At this very moment, Sander is oversleeping. He told me last night that he had to get up at eleven, but so far I haven’t heard his alarm. In the past one and a half years, I tried to wake him up maybe three times when I didn’t hear his alarm or when I noticed that he’d switched it off. The responses varied from sighing because I woke him up too early, to hiding under the blankets and not getting up anyway. From that point on I vowed that I would not wake him up again 😛

Edit: Oh, he just got up! :O … Well I’m posting this anyway 😛

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