First day at my new job

(Started writing this on Saturday)
I really didn’t feel like writing this yesterday evening, because I was hungry and tired 😉 Let me tell you some things about the introduction name at *beep*. Firstly, I’m not going to mention the company’s name here. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to read my experiences (shouldn’t put it on a public blog if I didn’t want that), but I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone who enters the company name in a search engine to find my blog in the top ten 😉 Anyway, you can see my job title and company in my LinkedIn profile.

Short introduction: In November, I did a test to enter this company’s talent pool. This test is exactly the same test that applicants for a job have to do. In other words, if you pass and enter their talent pool, you don’t have to do these tests anymore when you want to apply for a job. There are some other benefits, such as access to their intranet, an e-mail address as well as the option to follow some presentations and other stuff to get to know the company and what they do. Three weeks ago, I followed a presentation about Lean (go search, I’m not explaining everything here). It wasn’t specifically about Lean software development, however, and some other students at the presentation raised some questions about the applicability.

A week later, I decided to go for it: I want to interrupt my studies and apply for a job. So I called the manager of the talent pool and asked if I could apply for a job with my Bachelor’s degree. Within a week I had applied for a job, had a great job interview with a unit manager at the software quality division and got a job offer! It all went really fast, it’s exciting, scary and wonderful. We even talked about the possibility of graduating sometime later and my unit manager immediately stated that we could look for a graduation topic within the company and use one day a week (I’m gonna work 32 hours starting June) for graduation. I’m very pleased with this, so far people have been nice, understanding and open about anything I wanted to ask or know.

So, one and a half week ago, I signed my contract and got a letter welcoming me into the company. Of course, this letter also mentioned receiving an account to the intranet and an e-mail address and, yes, two days ago I received a *second* intranet login, hahaha. I knew it as soon as I saw the unopened letter in my mailbox. Anyway, I contacted their help desk and asked them to remove this second, temporary account and give my existing account all the rights I needed. Then, yesterday, at the introduction, I received another letter that contained my original account name with a new password. Oh dear… Last night, at home, I discovered that somehow, this mixup broke the link between my intranet and e-mail login (should be coupled) and I had to reset the password to make sure that both had the same password again. After that, I discovered I cannot access half of the back-end functionality 8) Heheheh

(Tired, sleep, wake up, continue writing)

Anyway, Friday was an introduction day where several people came to talk, such as the CEO, CFO, someone from Human Resources, someone from Planning etc. We were welcomed with tea and a necktie 😉 and talked to each other in the auditorium and were then taken to a new room upstairs, where we were greeted by a woman with a high squeaky voice who introduced herself and then told us “Now, we’re going to get up and get some tea (okay, okay, there was coffee too) and then you have twenty minutes to walk around the room get to know each other!” At first, that was really weird, firstly because we’d already been talking downstairs and secondly… it felt really childish. Fortunately, after a few minutes, it turns out it’s not so bad to do it this way. I talked to a couple of people and realized that this approach forces you to be serious about the fact that you’re meeting your new colleagues: You should put some conscious effort into getting to know them.

After that, me and the woman next to me had a rather uneventful day, because what they did that day, besides introducing themselves, was repeating what we had already read in the contract, working conditions, rules and regulations. Surprisingly, there were still people asking things they could have read in the documents… Oh well. There were some details that were new, of course, but all in all I think for the two of us they could have shortened it to half a day. Then, at five thirty, when you’re tired from sitting an listening (yes, really, physically tired) they came with new information. That was a bit too much for me, I’d had an overload of new impressions and then they give new information – in a rather unstructured manner, too. It was about the three-week training abroad and the things we have to arrange beforehand. Ten minutes into it, my hands started shaking, I was that tired. Never happened to me before.

Then, the lady wanted us to walk up to her one by one and enter some information for the trip. I walked up to her first (the sooner I enter that information, I thought, the sooner I can get some fresh air) and when I got to her, she picked the laptop from its stand. At that moment, I said “Be careful, laptops don’t bounce that well”. I know, I’ve seen the results at the Notebook Service Center at the TU/e. And you know what happens? While she answers “Yes, I’ll be careful”… she drops the laptop… >_> D’oh.

After that, when the laptop was switched on again (yes, I did warn her about damage to the hard disk and to have the laptop checked), someone remarked “Do we have to do this one by one? Can’t we just e-mail you?”. I can’t thank this person enough. I agreed and she said “Okay, I’ll e-mail you about the information I need” and then we could go! Yess… Of course, I hitched a ride with someone and I still ended up in a car with five people and one of them was going my way so we took the same train, so all in all my day, which started at 5:30 and ended at 20:00 took a lot of energy. I really felt it when I came home; besides being tired, sleepy and hungry, I felt like I had sore brain muscles :S Still felt that way on Saturday too… I’m glad the first day was a Friday.

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    Good luck with your new job! Although the first day was quite stressful (in a mental way at least), I’m sure you’ll have some nice (introductory-) days ahead of you. Somehow they always manage to cram in as much as they can in introductory seminars/gatherings. It’s almost like its some kind of universal law.

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    True, that. We didn’t do anything yet, but I’m pretty exhausted at the moment. Having to go to Amersfoort starting tomorrow probably isn’t going to help… Already called the Mobility department to see if they can rent me a car… (No lease car in the first two months… 🙁 )

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