Snippets from last night’s dream

This morning, I quickly jotted down four lines to remind myself about the dream super-combo I had last night:

  • Robot/cyborg stuff
  • Teleporting through doors (scarecrow from Howl)
  • Easter bunny
  • Dancing the tango

Heheheheh, this was a weird one. I’m pretty sure I forgot quite a bit, but I still remember the core of each fragment. Here we go 😉

I was in this underground rectangular cellar made entirely of concrete, with this two meter high square block in the center on which I was sitting and looking down at two cyborg men fighting each-other. As with any dream, sometimes the laws of physics are ignored and so I moved down from the block without moving and was then standing against the wall near where one of them was standing. He told me to take care / stay out of it, since I was human and therefore obviously vulnerable. For a minute I crouched down and protected my head with my arms and watched as the other dude cut the first guy’s neck with sharp blades. Dude One then fell down and after a short while started to heal, like Wolverine in the first X-men movie 😉 My subconscious then decides that this is a boring dream and changes the plot: I get up and kill Dude Two and it turns out that I was actually the very first cyborg ever and superpowerfull ‘n shit. Sounds like a bad Megaman plot if you ask me, but hey, I have superpowers again so no complaints from me so far 😀 Then me and Dude One get into this chariot driven by a woman and we speed around a corner behind the concrete block and exit the dungeon/cellar.

As we pass through the doorway, the dream changes to one where, whenever I go through a doorway, I teleport to a *different* doorway somewhere. Pretty awesome, to run (without being chased, but still running) through random rooms, bedrooms, offices and finally to end up in a shop. As I run out the doorway, I briefly see Turnip the scarecrow from Howl’s moving castle through the window, standing next to a tree, but as soon as I go through the doorway (without teleporting this time) there is no scarecrow or tree outside. I turn right. That’s where the dream goes a scene where I hover over a garden with a group of very small bushes in a corner (kinda like the bushes you could cut down in Zelda 1, but my dream is in 3D ofcourse. Oh, and always in color! 😀 ). I hear the lady of the house saying that she’s ordered ten Easter eggs from the Easter bunny and that she thinks that’s quite enough. I then see, kinda like in a game again except that I don’t see the mouse cursor dragging and dropping, a bunch of tiny eggs landing in the grass and a couple of *huge* Easter eggs being dropped into the bushes. Each bush then grows a little bigger, to show that there’s something in it and I see gold sparkles. It really feels like a game.

Then there’s a last scene, where I am dancing the foxtrot with someone, in a round open arbor (prieel) with several other couples and it’s a contest or something: Whoever dances longest, wins. After a while there are just us and two other couples and for some reason they give up (I have no idea what the rules or reasons are either, don’t ask). Then me and whoever it is have to do the grand finale, which is… a tango. We both freak out, because after all, we’ve been dancing the foxtrot for ten rounds and, as it goes in dream logic, this means that we don’t know the tango. Not true, I know how to dance the tango, but heck, it’s just a dream. We then attempt to dance the tango, and it goes rather well even though there’s no actual dancing involved, it’s more of a “I’m about to wake up, let’s just conclude that it all went well, okay?”-conclusion drawn by my brain.

Does anyone else have such weird, chaotic, dream fragments? :S 😉

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    My dreams are usually not that lucid. Although I do know how to induce a lucid dream. It basically comes down to clearing your mind completely when you lay down for sleep and focus on the moment. Eventually your body falls asleep, yet you are fully aware of the process. It doesn’t always work though, especially not when you try too hard. When it doesn’t work it really really sucks; you wake up like 3 AM in a sleep-paralyzed state, not being able to go to sleep for at least an hour or so. You can guess the consequences for the coffee-machine the next day (and your wallet, if you happen to study at a place where coffee isn’t for free).

  2. 2

    Although I do know how to induce a lucid dream.

    Meh, I’ve tried a couple of times to induce a lucid dream, but what inevitably happens is that I immediately realize that it’s a dream and, even worse, I wake up as soon as I realize I’m dreaming 😉 And, yes, it sucks. It kinda feels like one of those dreams where you’re walking and suddenly your legs jerk, which startles you awake. I always feel wrung out when I wake up in the middle of the night, I’d rather have a hangover than wake up from a botched lucid dream. No, best to let my subconscious handle this, it’s more fun that way 😀

    One other way to induce lucid dreaming is, apparently, to try and remind yourself to look at clocks or something. If you see a clock, but cannot tell the time, this may help you to realize that you’re dreaming and to start influencing the dream. But for me, if flying, teleporting, turning water into ice and swimming without having to breathe doesn’t help me realize that it’s a dream, nothing will 😉

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