Kitteh has an adbenshur ^.^ And I have a cold… again ¬_¬

Today, I received my hair dryer. I figured that since I’m gonna have to iron my clothes from now on, I may as well spend some time on my hair in the morning 😉 While I was using it for the first time, our cat walked up to the vacuum cleaner, sat down beside it and started clawing at it while at the same time trying to stay away from it. So cute! She obviously thought it was the vacuum cleaner making that noise. Maybe she has even seen me kick the vacuum cleaner to stop it from making noise (in other words, I stomp on the button to switch it off 😉 ) and is now imitating it? I’d like to think so 😉 After a while, i switched the hair dryer on and off and she didn’t run 🙂 She just sat and watched, fascinated. I even turned the dryer towards her and she felt the hot air. Big eyes, open mouth and ears straight up, she stared at it and then looked at me “OMG what did you bring home this time?”. Awesome, I lubz our kitteh! XD

Oh, and yes, I’m using a lot of paper handkerchiefs again… What is up with my immune system, for crying out loud! Every time I have to change my sleep-rhythm (Netherlands – Japan – Netherlands – and now the change to summertime) I catch a cold… sigh ¬_¬

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