Dreams last night :) and some others…

I seem to be having an episode of blog-hyper-manianess πŸ˜› I may write down some more dreams.

Ma, I know you e-mailed me about this dream book of yours, but I don’t need it. I know where most of my dreams come from and a lot of them I understand. Those that I don’t understand.. well, they make no sense at all, so don’t bother XD

I remember three dreams from last night, and I may write down some more later, as an exercise to see if I can get better at remembering my dreams. Some of these dreams are in a familiar setting -either real or I’ve dreamed in that setting before- or I’ve had a similar dream before, such as the first:

I am in this staircase with the stairs circling the walls. The staircase itself is narrow and square. There are no arm rails and you can look down through the center. The center gap is like, a square meter across and I’m going up towards a door. However, there is a segment of the stairs on one side of the wall missing and I have to jump to get to the door. The dream-me is scared but it’s not a nightmare. I close my eyes (well, obviously they’re already closed but the dream-me closes her eyes) and jump. Someone grabs my arm and pulls me onto the next staircase. The end. Note: I am, in fact, scared of heights and also, I get vertigo from stairs with open steps you can see through. This is not the first dream that deals with this. The best part: I’ve never fallen. I even had this dream once, that started out with this weird cross-over of an airport, sauna and children’s playground (the tables were jacuzzi’s and the escalators were slides!! πŸ˜€ ) and ended in me walking into this open room with high, floating staircase steps, looked at it and thought “Hell no, I’m not having this dream, I’ll just wait until it passes.” and then it did! I turned around and walked into a new area/room and had a totally different dream. I love my brain XD

A second dream last night, was about me being a ghost and having loads of fun trying out all the stuff I could do. I could go through walls and doors, except oak wood doors because they were too solid or something. I think this is a reference to the oak wood table my parents have, that is too heavy to lift and I remember my dad being in awe of how heavy this table is. Anyway, me and one or two other ghosts enter this room and we start to practice picking up stuff. That’s difficult, you know! Because you want the rest of your body to stay invisible and untouchable, but you do want to touch the glass you’re about to pick up. Then there’s the challenge of going through a door *holding the glass*, because you have to change it so that it can pass through instead of smash.. Unfortunately, I was game over pretty quickly πŸ™ Someone noticed me and grabbed my ankle. That’s when the dream ended.

The last dream of the night was a dream about me sitting at a pool with a child and some other person (Vague, not really noticed him/her. Think it was a him.). I was aware that I could control the elements and therefore, effectively, *everything*. Yes, you read it, I could do all sorts of shit! XD The dream concentrated on water, though. I held a bowl of water and turned it to ice. The girl next to me tried it, but only had very small scraps of ice. I then told her “Take the heat out of it. Don’t try to add cold, that doesn’t work.”. You’d almost think I knew my physics πŸ˜‰ Across the pool (actually, this resembled the deep pool of the outdoor swimming pool in my parents’ town) there was this guy with two other figures and he dived into the water. I tried to stop him with a force field, but he approached anyway, underwater. Then, another scene, I dive into the water as well to fight him. We both stay underwater (My dream-me doesn’t need air πŸ™‚ ). We have the same powers, I know, and he also turns the water to ice, like I did just before … Brr, cold. I don’t remember anything else.

I’ve had all sorts of other dreams.

There’s this dream where I can sort of feel when a gust of wind is coming to pick me up and I jump and then float on it.

And there was this dream (1.5 years ago or something) where my parents’ house was on fire and all I could think about was saving my laptop. Firstly, I don’t live there anymore, and secondly… Who goes to save their OLD laptop, thinking “because my new one still has insurance”? >_> … Dream-logic is weird. Then a fireman came who as totally *hot*, like the guy playing Hercules in those godawful TV-shows me and my ma used to watch. And another fireman, who was totally fat and was only there to play manager to the first guy. Nothing much happened in that dream.

Then there was this dream where there was a dungeon underneath the university and I was looking for a way out (again, not a nightmare) and passed all sorts of devices (power generators or something?) and finally surfaced near the “Mens Agitat Molem” stone thingy.

Then there are the various dream-worlds, like this camping/bungalow/holiday park or a house with a huge, 2 by 4 by 5 meter hallway with paintings and red carpet and chandeliers and stuff, and a huge staircase in the middle (hey, it’s a dream, I can waste all the space I want there πŸ˜› ) that leads to a set of student rooms on the first floor that look like the whole thing was modeled after a cardboard box model. :S Oh, another entrance to the first floor was the staircase from Sander’s previous student room, the one that makes a curve to the right. Then it goes on about paying rent for the entire building and how to divide it among the tenants. Anticlimactic, isn’t it?

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    Then there was this dream where there was a dungeon underneath the university and I was looking for a way out (again, not a nightmare) and passed all sorts of devices (power generators or something?) and finally surfaced near the β€œMens Agitat Molem” stone thingy. So cool… Whenever I walk all the way through the basement of the main building, I get this creepy feeling that I’m all alone inside some eerie bunker from WW2. The buzzing from the generators/ventilation systems down there only contributes more to this feeling. Maybe it is not as far fetched to think that there is a secret door somewhere that leads to some kind of escape tunnel for ‘important people’ (i.e. CvB).

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    a secret door somewhere

    You think so? I’m not so sure about that… I mean, I know about facilities you’ve got to have when the queen visits, but I don’t see her visiting TU/e. And building an escape tunnel for CvB… What could possibly threaten them that doesn’t pose an immediate danger to other people on campus as well?

    For ‘normal’ disasters I don’t think that BHV is going to give anyone a special treatment in case of evacuation and I can’t imagine CvB receiving bomb threats or anthrax letters. Thenagain, if they raise the study fee to a ridiculous amount, who knows what kind of response they will get… πŸ˜‰

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