Another weird dream..

I wrote this down, like, MONTHS ago. Glad I did, because I couldn’t have reproduced it now without the notes I had made. Lets’ try to reconstruct the story. Note the special effects 😉 My dreams are weird.

So, there’s this person on board a ship, in a cabin, who wants to know a bit of history (I didn’t remember any dreams before this one, so I guess this was a new, *fresh* dream, instead of a mixture of other dreams). The camera then zooms out, via the window in the side of the ship, until you see only the ship and the round window, clearly lit by some light source above (the moon?). The sea in front of the window is light, but to the left and right it gets dark, so it must be night. I’m part of a fleet of airships, with a lot of people and magic users. One of the strongest airships, a dragon, is heavily damaged and disappears (from radar?).

I immediately volunteer for a scouting mission. Now I’m actually inside my airship and the cockpit consists of some large screens and a lot of tables with chairs that look just like Floor 10 of the TU/e main building ^_^;; The captain is at the front of the table, to the left, with some other crew members. In the back are scared/frighteened people. I immediately volunteer for a scouting mission.

The dream then goes to the goodbye ceremony. I’m standing in a large room, like an auditorium, and we’re cheered. I receive two presents and a letter and I’ve got my backpack with laptop with me. The backpack is really heavy, once or twice it’s too heavy for me. Then six more people walk past me, one by one they’re announced and they’re obviously also volunteers for this search. A lot of people have come to say goodbye. I walk up the stairs but don’t see anyone I know. Then I look down and I see some vague acquaintances of mine. They ask me what time we leave: At first I can’t hear them because they’re too far away from me, but eventually we communicate via sign language. (No, I don’t know sign language.) I answer them that we leave at five past four. Then we get into a vehicle, kind of like a train on a track that floats in the air. It starts to move, and briefly we cross the Kyoto river, but we don’t go over it. That ends the Kyoto flashback 😉 Then someone says they think this is a way to stall. We then get out at a house that is some sort of mix of mountain, forest and palace (looks like a huge wooden wall at first, but when you look closer you can see it’s a gate) and there’s a palace behind it, after a large staircase.

Then, a separate dream that seems to continue on the recon mission, is about a guy in battle who’s beheaded and loses a hand because of a brick wall coming down on him. However, he just keeps on talking through a different head :S Zombie?

Before I wake up I realize that the dragon ship might survive if we turn it into a zombie! XD

Trust me, it didn’t make sense when I was dreaming it either…

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