Pet me! *head butt*

Our little princess is doing great. She hardly ever runs away anymore and, more importantly, discovered that us humans are a source of pettins and snuggles. :3 She head butts us a lot and that’s just so cute!

Last week, our neighbor came over, a day later my brother visited us and both times she was doing great. Last Sunday, when we had five visitors, at first she was uncomfortable, but eventually she fell asleep on the couch. I bought her a cat basket and a radiator hammock, but she doesn’t sleep there… My mother wants to buy her a kitty house, but I doubt she’s going to sleep in it, she wants to be able to see everything that happens around her, I think.

She’s figured out when she gets food and starts meowing at 7:30AM if it takes too long (Curse my being a morning person, now I never get to sleep in again). She wants meat, not dry food and makes a LOT of noise when she thinks she’s getting meat, or worse, when she finds out she isn’t. Since this weekend, we haven’t given her meat in the evenings anymore, and starting tomorrow she’s going to learn that meat-time is over. I was worried that she wouldn’t eat if we didn’t give her a bit of meat, but we’ve discovered that she does eat the dry food. The only reason she doesn’t is because she *knows* that better stuff is on its way. Also, even if I mix the meat with the dry food, she still eats only the meat and leaves the kibble! Sneaky cat… Oh and she’s developed the habit of climbing on the kitchen counter in search of meat when she knows she isn’t getting any… When I check on her, she looks at me in this guilty little “Uh, oh, busted” kinda way.

Last but not least, she’s clumsy! Or, as Sander put it with a nice understatement: “She’s not the most athletic cat…” She’s totally *fascinated* by this little red piece of string, I’ve spent quite some time running around dragging it over the floor with her chasing it… of course, it didn’t take long before she took out one of my fingers instead of the piece of string, so I attached it to a little stick. No matter what I do, she always manages to do something clumsy, like turn around and forget that she’s near the furniture, or when I hold it over her head she hacks at it, forgetting that her face is still somewhere around there. A few minutes ago she even managed to get her own nail stuck in her nose!! Oh no! D: I helped her untangle and put the rope-on-a-stick away for now, she’s getting far too excited. I’m going to try and cut her nails sometime soon, hopefully that will help, because all her nails are pretty long (she makes a LOT of noise when she walks around).

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