Boom! Thud! Crash!!

Sander’s coffee machine is no more.. It has died and gone to heaven on 28-02-2011 at 5:16 AM… Too darn early in the morning that is! Apparently, our little kittycat likes our toaster (it’s probably the leftover cheese she likes… :S) and she climbed onto the fridge, onto the microwave and pushed the coffee machine off it to get to the toaster. Glass everywhere, vacuum cleaning and sweeping at this time in the morning is not my idea of a hobby… Ettie was a bit frightened, especially when I held her while checking her paws for injuries. She felt fine this morning, though, and I hope this has scared her enough to be more careful at night, but not so much that she stops being her curious self. Please, hon, don’t push stuff off other stuff, it makes noise and a mess….

On the bright side, she’s not sneezing anymore. Last week she spent two or three days firing sneeze salvo’s at us, but that’s over now. Only she finds pieces of paper to scratch her itchy nose and then she sneezes again, but I’m sure it will go away now. It was most likely a reaction to the vaccination, apparently the vaccine ‘sneezing disease’, or whatever it’s called in English, is applied directly to the nose, which can cause a reaction up to four weeks after the vaccination.

In other words, she must be feeling fine, ‘cuz she’s breaking down our appartment… :S

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