Scaredy cat

I feel for the poor thing.. I picked up Ettie, henceforth to be referred to as “our cat” :D, at 5 PM today. She wasn’t happy about the cage, or the car, or the ‘outside’ -understandably, outside is a big space without comfy warm spots- and things didn’t get much better when she got here. I put the bench in the living room. She then got herself tangled in the wires of the TV and finally hid in the TV-furniture. How? Well, I once -when we moved into our apartment- removed the back to accommodate for the wires of Sander’s amplifier. I really don’t want her there, so I opened it. On hindsight, it upset her, but best to correct her now that she’s new, it’s a lot harder to change bad habits later.

Right now, she’s been trying to find a hiding place and after having tried the bottom of the stairs, the window sill in the back room and some other small places, I found her behind the trash can. I finally decided to close the door to the living room, because obviously my presence was upsetting her. I just went in to brush my teeth and found her roaming around, which is good. I sure hope she doesn’t get herself into any trouble, in my mind I’ve been going over the things she might encounter in our apartment and short from peeing on my laptop there’s not much damage she can do in our apartment. I’m seriously considering moving my laptop to a higher shelf…

Anyway, at least she’s roaming around when I’m not there and she doesn’t immediately run for it when she sees me. She does freeze, though, but she doesn’t run when she feels like she has a hidey spot (like behind the trash, she stayed there while I opened the fridge right next to it).

Our downstairs neighbors wrote her a nice “welcome home” card πŸ™‚ But it may take a while before she sees it that way πŸ˜‰

Edit: I played some guitar and while I was playing Drops of Jupiter by Train she wandered into the living room and explored! πŸ˜€ I’m gonna have to convince Sander, we may have to (= I want to) rename her to Jupiter now! πŸ˜‰

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    Hai Minh

    Had been waiting to welcome “your cat” home! Sure she will soon get used to the new home and new human friends. I have some experiences of feeding cats but still don’t know how to teach them where to pee.

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      … but still don’t know how to teach them where to pee.

      Haha, well usually the mother potty-trains her kittens. Ettie is 3 years old and as expected she knows what to do with a litterbox. So no worries there.

      I think I’m gonna go out and buy her some kitty-treats, let’s see how she likes those πŸ™‚

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    Ha! How cute! Ettie or @. The latter is a name that suits Diana and Sander better, so you might say also their cat! Have fun with your new roommate and hope she will get used to you and you to her. Be aware of all your cables and especially the tv. Cats are most likely to destroy what is in their way, not because they want to, but because they are bored (I guess?!). Or…..because you have learned them that that is the way to get your attention. You know that Plukkie (our cat) destroys the couch as she wants us to open the door so she can get out! Plukkie is twelve years old and still does not know how to ask in a decent way to open the door for her! Good luck with raising @ or with @ raising you!

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      Um, all she does is miaow and purr for now. For now she’s not displaying any of Plukkie’s destructive behavior and I’m hoping it stays that way.

      She does have a bit of an “apestaartje”, by the way. When she walks, the tip of her tail is bent to the right, like a submarine periscope, haha!

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