Crash test kitteh..

Last night, 1:28 AM: LOUD BANG. Oh god, what has she done now? Is she in trouble? Did she hurt herself? Okay, stay calm, don’t go look immediately. My heart is pounding in my ears, hers must be too. Wait until I’m calm, then she’s had the opportunity to calm down or hide, probably both 😉 What could it be? The TV? No, she couldn’t have toppled that over and it’s not wide enough to stand on, so surely she hasn’t tried, has she? What else is in high places? My external harddrive? I placed it on the top shelf of my desk… Oh god, please don’t let it be my external harddrive..

I walk into the back room, hit my foot against something while looking for a flashlight and it makes a lot of noise. Oh.. She jumped on top of our toilet table and must have touched the cover of the TL-tube, because it’s on the floor and it looks.. smashed. Oh well..

Oh, also, I was walking around our apartment this morning and I heard music. Now we’re quite used to noises from outside, but after a while I got the feeling that it may be the headphones of Sander’s PC. And I was right! She must have walked on the keyboard and mouse and started up the music player. Right now, she’s squeezed herself into that itty bit of small space that Sander’s amplifier doesn’t take up in the TV-furniture. Of course, that amplifier is warm and it’s a hidey spot from prying eyes (that is, me ^.^;; ). This kitteh likes music, I’m sure of it!

Here are some pictures 🙂 No kittehs were chased during the making of these photo’s, this is where she was already sitting when I grabbed the camera 😉

Soft kitty,
warm kitty,
little ball of hair (it’s eberywere!)
Angry kitty,
cranky kitty,
glare, glare, glare

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