Allergic reactions to our little diva…

Yes, another post about the cat. If you don’t like that, I suggest you go read a different blog for the next few months. 😉

Some things have become clear over the past few days:

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some allergic reactions over the weekend. Itchy eyes, coughin, itching skin… 🙁 I’m hoping that this will pass (please let it pass!). I have some reason to ‘wait and see’: Our downstairs neighbor’s lady has three cats and at first when I visited them I came back coughing. I figured it was the cigarette smoke, but it may well have been the cats. The good news: I never have to cough anymore when I visit them.. So I’m hoping that my reaction at their house was indeed related to the cats and that the same will happen here, that is, that some exposure to Ettie (also @ or apestaartje 😉 ) will quickly trigger some tolerance. Our neighbor kindly offered me his allergy pills to see if they work for me too, but I want to wait and see first and maybe try some alternatives before going to the doctor. Today we did talk about whether we can keep her if this gets worse. I’m afraid that if it does get worse, it will quickly become unbearable, so preferably I want some tolerance, please. Where do you buy that stuff? Also, I’m going to see if homeopathic things work for me. If not, then medication may be the next step.

Is it wishful thinking or is my reaction to her already becoming less? Probably wishful thinking. On hindsight, I could have known, my dad and my brother both have allergies.. Oh well..

No, I’m not considering putting her back into the animal shelter. If I develop asthma like my dad, then yes, but I want to see if it goes away first. If it gets worse… I’d rather not think about that right now, but my health does come first, I need to go home and feel at ease and not have this feeling of “Oh dear, here we go again”, which I, honestly, had today… Right now, it’s not so bad, I do feel my eyes, but no coughing… I’ve also asked Thea what brand of litter she uses, I’m not sure if that could be a trigger too, since the litterbox is in the back room (I’m sitting in the living room right now)

Ettie is a wuss by morning and a diva by night. She looooves attention.. on her terms and only in the evenings. In the morning, she’s more of a “Whuuuut the f*ck are those tall things on two legs?! They’re after me!!” .. No, silly cat, I just want breakfast (kitchen, Ettie runs to living room), watch the news (living room, Ettie runs to back room) and brush my teeth (back room) and then some other things like finding my shoes (living room or back room, you never know), feeding her (kitchen), putting out the trash (kitchen again) and getting my coat (living). She needs to discover that I’m not after her. I briefly wondered if her previous owner chased her or treated her badly, but it may be the stress of a new environment.

She miaows. Oh boy does she miaow, usually to complain: when the food isn’t what she wants, when the litterbox doesn’t have at least one handful of clean litter after I clean it and… whenever she wants attention.

She purrs, and that’s sooo cute! Kinda like Togepi’s “prii” XD

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    Hi there!! Just curious how things developed. Is @ still living with you (or you with her?) and did your allergic reactions disappear? Ja, inderdaad een schatje! Veronie heeft helemaal gelijk.

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      Hi there!! Just curious how things developed.

      Everything is fine now 🙂 She’s breaking down our apartment. For example, this morning, she had the crazy 5 minutes we think, because from the noise (we were still in bed) we could deduce that she was running from the window sill in the back room, through the hallway, into the kitchen, back through the hallway, to the back room and BOIOIOIOING up the radiator onto the windowsill, REPEAT. Heheh, I think she’s quite fine now. She asks for a lot of cuddles, miaows your ears off and is just a cute little fluffball in general. She’s not like Plukkie at all! 😛

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