From Tokyo, the capital of the land of the rice and sun 😉 I hope everyone who wastes his/her precious time checking this blog will have a Merry Christmas and […]

WordPress plugin updated! :D

I just updated my WordPress plugin to version 0.2 😀 It’s now possible to customize it, it’s awesome 😉 I’ve tested it thoroughly and just now I added it to […]

Well, this is a first.

This time next week, I’ll be in an airplane to Japan!! :O It hasn’t really sunk in, I kind of booked the flight and stay on a whim and somehow, […]

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Busy week. Good score. Alarmclock tomorrow is going to hurt ;)

Voila, a lot of photo’s from the GLOW Eindhoven light festival I went to with my brother on Friday night. 🙂

Yesterday, I had my first rehearsal together with a guitar player from Bergen op Zoom. He played while I sang. At the end, we wanted to make a top 5 selection of songs we’re going to study for next time, but ended up with 13 songs. XD We managed to narrow it down to five after all.